Honest relationships built on an ethical foundation.

At Westcor, we work with clients to find the most effective way to achieve their goals, while maintaining our commitment to excellence in construction and in our community.

Our focus is centered on collaboration, owner involvement, transparency, and innovation, so we can effectively fulfill our clients’ needs. We leverage our expertise in delivery methods and technology and innovation to discover new ways to successfully tackle your challenges and add value to your projects.

“Westcor provided a highly professional service ranging from design services, permitting processes, competent trade partner, time schedules, cost estimates, accurate detailed invoicing and cooperation with local management.”

C. Buck, Director of Canadian Operations | Sun Chemical Corporation



Delivery Methods

We understand that your project, and your needs, are unique. When you’re ready to start building, we can adapt conventional delivery methods or customize a unique delivery model suited to your goals. Whether its Construction Management, Design Build, or a traditional style of delivery, our experience and value-engineering savvy enable us to produce the best possible result for you and your project.

Incorporating Lean Principles into what we do has proven to be beneficial in increasing collaboration and maximizing the efficiency of our projects. Utilizing the Last Planner system and Pull-Planning effectively allows us to work backwards from project milestones while maintaining an environment of openness and transparency between all members of the project team — owners included. By making our work visible and proactively engaging the project team, we deal with potential issues before they become constraints — saving valuable time and money.

Questions about one — or all — of our delivery methods? We love to talk about design and construction with our future clients. Contact Kyle Morgan, VP Preconstruction for more information.

The Westcor Way - Our values


We’re building a better world — and that means continuously striving to create innovative approaches and effective strategies, ultimately driving value to you, our client. Meticulous planning goes into incorporating the technology of tomorrow into our work of today. We have invested countless hours into ensuring that innovation, technology, and training are used to achieve the greatest possible benefit for our clients and the end-user.

We work from a foundation of Lean Principles focused on reducing waste, improving the efficiency of our workflows and processes, and increasing collaboration through transparency and honest communication.

Westcor also provides our staff with constant training and education to keep the internal fires burning. Our team is provided with the latest technology including BlueBeam training and digital plan rooms, allowing us to collaborate more efficiently and focus on driving value to you, our client.

Our Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system allows for greater efficiency by providing on-demand, real-time information to our clients regarding the project status including budget, schedule, quality control processes, and other valuable information. It also allows us to maximize workflow efficiency both internally and externally, which benefits all aspects of project management, client resources, communications, and administrative and accounting support.

Architectural Drawing

"I was very impressed with Westcor's flexibility and willingness to incorporate changes that only became evident as the work proceeded. This sensitivity and ability to adapt to our needs truly enhanced the success of the project."

Robert Bush, Director, Adult Mental Health Services | Alberta Health Services