Not your average construction company.

At Westcor, we build more than buildings — we build relationships. It’s what separates us from the pack and gives our clients the security of a large, experienced construction company with the collaborative approach of a smaller shop.


Our Promise

As a full service general contractor and construction manager with well nearly two decades of experience in southern Alberta, we’ve created a business focused on working with clients — as a team — to achieve their goals with outstanding results.

We challenge clients to change the way they think about the contractor/client relationship. Every relationship is unique and we infuse each one with the same underlying values — integrity, accountability, and collaboration. We are strongest when we work as a team, enjoy our time together, and continually strive for our best.

We challenge the construction industry to evolve with Lean construction, collaborative delivery models, sustainable design, and by putting people before profit.

We believe in a people-first, local community-involved construction process. Each project is an investment into our community, and this is the driving force behind what we do.

Westcor is dedicated to Building a Better World — come build with us.

EAT Trattoria Restaurant Project

Remembering Our Roots

A building without a strong foundation will fail in time. Building something sustainable and meaningful takes dedication, willpower, and the ability to create and maintain a long-term vision. Substitute the bricks, mortar, and tools for values, principles, and strategies that instill enthusiasm and purpose, and you have the foundation that the Westcor leadership team has been expanding on since 2003.

A wise person once said, “Don't tell me your values. Show me your behaviour and I’ll decide what your values are.” We understand that our actions define us, and are dedicated to sustaining the culture and core values that Westcor was founded on – the tradition of the Westcor Way.

With our strong foundation, we embrace new ideas and innovation as we grow, celebrate successes, welcome challenges — and remember our roots.


“ You have something really special at Westcor, and we couldn’t have made a better
decision in choosing a partner to come along on the journey of our business. Please do
not ever hesitate to call on us to support you. You didn’t just develop a customer, you
established a loyal advocate for your brand, and we would love to share our experience
with others in the same situation. ”

Jon Holden, Partner  | Forward Level Marketing