Calgary Drop-in Centre: Men’s Clothing and Hygiene Packs Drive

By Bradley Morgan | Oct 1, 2018

Take a second to think through your morning routine. You wake up, wash your face, brush your teeth, shave, put on deodorant, pick an outfit and get dressed. Chances are you don’t think too much about it, you just do it. Maybe you listen to music, drink coffee, or prepare your to-do list for the…

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Westcor’s 15th Anniversary

By Bradley Morgan | Aug 28, 2018

Westcor Construction opened its doors on September 1st, 2003. For 15 years, Westcor has been Building a Better World, The Westcor Way.  The Westcor Way is about putting people before profit, committing to continuous improvement and sustainable learning, and collaborating every day. Most of all, The Westcor Way is about building relationships and understanding the…

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Building a better world, and preserving it at the same time

By Bradley Morgan | Jun 7, 2018

When it comes to environmental responsibility, the Canadian government has regulations set in place to ensure protection of our water, land, air, flora and fauna. Canadian businesses follow rules, regulations, and processes all in the name of conserving the health and the beauty of our Earth, but how many of those go above and beyond?…

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Failure as a key driver for growth

By Bradley Morgan | May 11, 2018

Can businesses get better through failure? Yes, it can be done. Lean Construction Institute-Canada (LCI-C) held a conference in Vancouver last month and our very own Bob Robinson was a featured presenter. His presentation, titled “How I Failed in Lean: A Leadership Story” shared key insights about the importance of learning from mistakes and empowering…

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Introducing Westcor Construction’s Chief People Champion Officer: Cathleen Peter-Swart

By Bradley Morgan | Apr 9, 2018

As Chief People Champion Officer, Cathleen Peter-Swart’s key responsibility is driving the People Strategy within Westcor to ensure value for both the organization and its clients.

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Kings and Queens of the Hill: Westcor supports Alberta’s next generation of Engineers

By Bradley Morgan | Feb 8, 2018

“Are you serious?” is the first question most people ask when SAIT engineering students tell someone they’re planning on racing downhill in a concrete vessel. Yes, they’re serious and Westcor is proud to have helped them raise funds towards their ultra-Canadian venture by becoming a Platinum Sponsor in a silent auction that raised $1,500. The…

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