Building a Better Community Progress Report

By Westcor | Jun 14, 2019

Our 15th anniversary year has been inspiring and fulfilling. To celebrate our milestone, we committed to be part of 15 service initiatives to build a better community and challenge our industry partners to do the same.  Since September 2018 we have completed 11 acts of community kindness and look forward to 4 more to round out…

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Building a better Community | May Initiative | In support of the Calgary Society for Persons with Disabilities

By Westcor | Apr 30, 2019

The Calgary Society for Persons with Disabilities (CSPD) makes it their mission to provide support to adults with developmental disabilities to reach their greatest potential through quality residential services and community access. At the CSPD, it’s more than just providing services; it’s creating a family. Persons with disabilities are paired up with friends and caregivers…

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Building a better Community | March Initiative | Calgary Women’s Emergency Shelter

By Westcor | Mar 21, 2019

In support of the Calgary Women’s Emergency Shelter for this month’s Building a Better Community initiative, we will be leveraging our knowledge and experience in construction to add a face-lift to the children’s play area at their Calgary facility. It is our goal to support their organization in any way, shape or form, and after…

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How lean construction benefits our clients

By Westcor | Feb 28, 2019

Back in November, we published a blog entitled Adding value through Lean construction, which focused on the evolution of our industry and the steps we at Westcor are taking to not only adapt but be at the forefront of said evolution. We spoke on the inevitability of change, how the term ‘waste’ far outreaches its…

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Pink Shirt Day: In support of Dare to Care (Bullying stops here. Be kind!)

By Westcor | Feb 5, 2019

Bullying is something we have all encountered at one point or another throughout our lives. On the playground or in the locker room, at home, at school, or even at work. As the internet has evolved, so too has bullying. Today, it’s not just at the playground, it’s in our pockets. Cyberbullying is a major…

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Building a better Community | A Day at Bow View Manor

By Westcor | Feb 4, 2019

On Monday, January 28th, a team of 25 Westcor team members and business partner volunteers spent the afternoon at Calgary’s Bow View Manor preparing for and partaking in a karaoke dance party for nearly 100 Bow View residents, staff, and family members. The event was implemented in support of the Brenda Strafford Foundation as part…

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