Why work at Westcor?

Our Purpose and Culture


 Our purpose is to Build a Better World for our clients, our employees, and our community, and we do this by putting people first. This purpose is not simply a plaque on the wall or a motto that we put on our trucks; it is a culmination of everything we do daily. We encourage extraordinary performance from our employees, and in return, our employees do extraordinary things.

Through our incredible purpose, we have created a culture that inspires, empowers, and energizes our employees. What we strive towards every day is people (leaders) serving people (our employees) serving people (our clients and our community).

Core Values


Central to our amazing culture are our Core Values. These Core Values are deeply held driving forces that are living enactments of the fundamental values held by our employees and affect the way that decisions are made.

Core Values Brand Promises
Authentic Maintain honest relationships built on an ethical foundation
Accountable Be accountable to clients, to each other, and to ourselves
Collaborative Act as one team - we are stronger together
Innovative Continuously Improve
Helping Others Give back and live our values
Having Fun Laugh Together

By living our Core Values daily, our employees also know how to work towards achieving our Strategic Priorities.

Continuous Improvement


 As an organization, we are committed to continuously improve. We are effective because our sights are set beyond today. We add value to our projects by bringing solutions that are best for the long term. We are innovators, and engage in all our work by first asking, “how can we make this better?”

To us, challenges are puzzles waiting to be solved and in our day-to-day actions with ourselves and with our clients, we do not present problems, we present solutions. Value is what drives us. Value for our clients, value for our team, and value for the organization. High-value work is not dependent on economic or financial factors, but the value of it to the individual and the community.

Corporate Social Responsibility


People-First means starting with the belief that you are here to give. Every morning when you walk through the front doors, you are here to give, to be of service, and to provide something of value to those that support you and work alongside you.

For us, positive community impact is the promotion of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and the value of giving back to the community that has helped shape who we are. Utilizing our CSR efforts, we can enable opportunities not only to increase brand awareness and strengthen our relationship with clients, business partners, trade partners and the community, but also to influence our employees’ commitment and motivation to our organization. We understand that Building a Better World for our employees enables our employees to be responsible for themselves, and empowered, where we can be held accountable to support and encourage the people we surround ourselves with. When we take care of each other, a foundation is built that allows us, as a team, to take care of our community.

What else we offer:


Family-oriented culture

Social events throughout the year

Encouragement and support for your professional development

Commitment to Diversity, Inclusion and Equity

Competitive salaries and benefits

We are hiring!

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