Introducing Westcor’s Corporate Services Department

Much like Westcor’s commitment to innovation within the construction industry, we strive to be innovative within our corporate structure and always work toward a larger vision. In doing so, we are proud to announce the addition of our Corporate Services Department, to be led by Cathleen Peter-Swart, our new VP Corporate Services & People Champion.

The Corporate Services department will house our critical essential support functions, namely finance, administration, human resources, marketing, communications and Lean integration. We are confident that the Corporate Services department will allow us to be agile, innovative, and will further contribute to our vision of Building a Better World.

We know that Cathleen is the perfect person to lead the Corporate Services team, and we are proud and excited to watch her excel in this role. Cathleen’s prior role as Chief People Champion Officer (CPCO) has made a tremendous impact within our organization. She has nurtured and motivated our team, while providing them with opportunities to grow and contribute to our people-first culture. We look forward to continuing this momentum under the Corporate Services umbrella.

We would also like to extend our best wishes to Westcor’s Manager of Administration, and one of our founders, Val Stordy, who retired as of August 2nd, 2019. Val will be missed by all of us here at Westcor. We know she will be eager to spend some well-deserved time with her family, especially with her grandchildren.


Bob Robinson, P.Eng., G.S.C.
President & CEO