Our December Community Initiative: Supporting the Calgary Drop-In Centre

As the calendar draws into December, visions of holiday celebrations with loved ones, friends and colleagues start to fill our minds and schedules. We will all begin planning out the amazing meals we will share in the warmth of our homes, anticipate waking up Christmas morning to see the excitement in our children’s eyes as they sneak downstairs to see if Santa has made it yet, and spend the next few weeks making memories that will last a lifetime.

For some Calgarians, unfortunately, December is a heart-wrenching time of year. Many families are displaced from loved ones, do not have a place to call home, clothes on their back, or a warm meal to share. The simple things that we look forward to and will make happen, are not their reality.

That’s why here at Westcor, we believe in building a better community. It’s not about saying, it’s about doing that matters most to our people. Building a better world starts with the actions that each of us take to move our community forward.

During the month of December, our team members are focused on helping those in need make some of those special memories by volunteering at the Calgary Drop-In Centre. Small gestures can yield big results, and help be the difference in our neighbours lives.

The Calgary Drop-In Centre provides so much more than emergency shelter for Calgarians in need. They also work with their clients to facilitate access to health services, employment and education, as well as supporting potential access to independent living. While these are all things that many of us may not spend much of our day thinking about, there are those in our community that this is all they think about every single day.

If you have any questions about donating your time or joining us at the Drop-In Centre, please contact Bradley Morgan at  Bradley.morgan@westcor.net for more details.

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