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Project Manager

As the leader of the Project Delivery Team, providing project management services from inception to conclusion of the project, doing amongst others:

Safety and Quality

  • Support Site Supervisor/Superintendent with Safety requirements throughout the project
  • Support to the site to ensure that Westcor’s Quality standards are met throughout the project


  • Liaison between all key industry partners involved in the project (Client, Consultants, Trade Partners) and responsible for communication throughout the project
  • Provide monthly project updates, which would consist of: Schedule update, Deliverables (shop drawing control), Photos, Budget update, Concerns, Constraints
  • Oversee shop drawing review and document management
  • Oversee RFI process
  • Schedule and participate (and act as rotating chair as applicable) in monthly “Project Success Self Evaluation” meetings

Contract Management

  • Review, understand and proactively manage the terms and conditions within the Prime Contract to mitigate and manage risk and issues
  • Support Site Supervisor/Superintendent with documentation of Trade Partner non-compliance (see Notice of Sub-trade Non-Conformance / Insolvency process)
  • Procure required project insurance and bonding (if applicable)
  • Responsible for completion of Operation and Maintenance documents (combined with as built drawings & warranties)
  • Assist with the distribution of the consultant deficiency lists and attend walk throughs, if applicable


  • Guide the team through the Design when required, and ensure that the client’s needs and wants are captured and documented
  • Provide constructive feedback and recommendations with regards to the constructability, schedule impact and cost impact of the Design
  • Lead the team to assist with identifying gaps in the Design and Contract Documents


  • Coordinate and chair initial commissioning meeting to discuss and develop a commissioning plan combined with Schedule (Testing, Equipment start-ups, Training, Turnover)
  • Responsible to attend and/or coordinate client meetings, and chair as required
  • Responsible to coordinate all project meetings (Trade Partners, Scheduling, Lessons Learned etc. and using the Last Planner System where appropriate) and co-facilitate as required
  • Validate and approval of Meeting Minutes
  • Chair, attend and participate in Design meetings


  • Apply for applicable Permits based on the requirements of the authorities having jurisdiction over the project
  • Oversee the procurement and administration of all scopes of work (Trade Partners and Suppliers); Coordinate and Chair ongoing construction meetings as required
  • Identify constraints such as product availability and long delivery items (also through Last Planner System)
  • Oversee the Tender process (completed by Westcor’s Estimating Department); Provide continuous (as required) Budget updates combined with cash flow forecasts
  • Provide feedback to estimating of Lessons Learned pertaining to procurement issues
  • Ensure adequate familiarity with contract documents and budget to effectively identify solicited and unsolicited change orders, and working with the PDT to review, compile and manage the change order process
  • Complete Trade Award in collaboration with estimating utilizing the “Trade Award and Project Success Process”


  • Review Trade Partners Monthly Progress Bills
  • Prepare and submit monthly Progress Bill Invoices, and Holdbacks, as per contracts
  • Ensure that estimates remain within budget, and that project budget aligns with schedule
  • Schedule and complete Monthly WIP Reporting and Forecasting
  • Support completion of documentation for cost recovery of back charge/s by assisting with administration
  • Prepare claims paperwork and reconciliations for legal cases and insolvency issues


  • Provide support and guidance to junior roles within the PDT
  • Foster an environment where learning is encouraged
  • Recommend opportunities so that members of the PDT know of and value the expertise and skills within the team
  • Recommend opportunities for members of the PDT to work across programs to optimize the use of resources and achieve results
  • Encourage a passion for work and a sense of team
  • Motivate members of the PDT to develop and exhibit a continuous improvement mindset and encourage junior roles to make recommendations
  • Conduct PDCAs with direct reports

Participation in Business Development efforts

  • Participate in seeking out new opportunities
  • Act as a Westcor Brand Ambassador


  • Completion of Degree or Diploma in construction or related field
  • With degree, 1 year of experience as a PC with a GC or 3 years experience as a Supervisor
  • With diploma, 3 years of experience as a PC with a GC or 5 years experience as a Supervisor
  • Technical knowledge of construction management and construction principles and practices
  • Experience in the construction / GC industry

Employment Type

  • Full-time

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