Alberta University of the Arts

Primary Mechanical Upgrade


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Calgary, AB

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17,300 Sq. Ft.







In the Mechanical Scope of Work, a comprehensive assessment was conducted, evaluating air and water balances for all relevant air handlers and pumps. This served as a baseline, informing subsequent actions. The existing AHU cooling and heating coils, along with associated valves and piping, were replaced. All pumps were also replaced, including essential components. The project involved upgrading the existing steam humidifiers to new wet media humidifiers, complete with new supports, piping, and drain lines. The domestic hot water system received substantial enhancements with the installation of a new heater/tank and a recirculation pump, along with the necessary piping. Control systems were modernized, with the replacement of existing pneumatic and limited controls with advanced Direct Digital Controls (DDC). Additionally, the entire heating and cooling system underwent a thorough chemical cleaning and charging process. Rebalancing efforts were meticulous, ensuring all air and water systems operated at peak efficiency.

In the Electrical Scope of Work, a significant focus was placed on meticulous wiring and distribution. All existing cabling and conduit connected to demolished mechanical motors were systematically removed. New connections were established for the state-of-the-art Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs) using a carefully designed electrical distribution system. To enhance the system's stability, active harmonic filtration equipment was introduced and integrated into the Central Distribution Panel (CDP). Monitoring systems were also upgraded, with the installation of new electrical sub-meters on all Air Handling Units. These meters were seamlessly integrated into the central monitoring system, enabling comprehensive consumption analysis. Within the mechanical room, meticulous attention was given to the installation of new power wiring, employing Electrical Metallic Tubing (EMT) conduit painted to match the background. Finally, all final connections, especially those related to pumps and air handlers, were executed using liquid-tight flex conduits, ensuring secure and efficient terminations.

AUarts Primary Mechanical Upgrades