Bow View Manor Restoration


The Brenda Strafford Foundation Ltd.


Supportive Living - Modernization & Restoration


Calgary, AB

Contract Type

CCDC 5B - Stipulated Sum Conversion

Prime Consultant

Abugov Kaspar







Bow View Manor
Bethany Kanerva-3
Bethany Kanerva-4


This multi-phase project of an active, 106-bed seniors living facility included the demolition and redevelopment
of private and semi-private rooms in the development's oldest wing. At the time of tender, the project was
confirmed to not contain any hazardous materials and the mechanical and electrical designs were complete
with the assumptions of a non-phased, remove-and-replace strategy. The client executive offices were in the
basement area of the site along with the primary kitchen, dish room, laundry, rehabilitation area, chapel, and
staff amenity rooms; all of which were to remain active during construction.

Upon mobilization and prior to demolition taking place Westcor completed a hazardous materials review and
found that asbestos was a hazard on the project and that the hazardous levels were found in flooring mastics,
drywall mud compounds, duct wrap / elbows, and different areas of ceiling texture. With limited availability to
relocate residents, Westcor completed the project in 26 different phases. The discovery of hazardous materials
led to a magnitude of design changes including the re-routing of all supply ducts to the roof elevation to
minimize impacts on adjacent tenants' spaces and to best ensure consistent heat and power were maintained
during construction.