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Coffee, donuts, and concrete: Renert School students’ heartwarming display of community spirit

We are in the business of building relationships — and an exceptional one has been growing before our very eyes over at our Renert School addition project.

Watching eagerly as Westcor builds their future junior high and high school facility, a group of grade three Renert students formed an unexpected bond with our construction team. The students expressed their genuine appreciation for the work being done in a creative way; which unbeknownst to them, spoke strongly to our purpose of “Building a Better World.”

Renert School and Westcor Construction

Click to view video (courtesy of CTV News)

At Westcor, we approach every project with the belief that it’s an investment for both the local community and for the future. What better motivation for us to live out our purpose than to see the “future” waving back at us through a classroom window? The students’ curiosity, excitement, and appreciation is a great reminder of why we do what do and who the end user really is. We’re building a school but it’s the kids who will end up teaching all of us.

Whether the end-users are kids, seniors or anyone else in-between, we are passionate about working with local communities. With a year of opportunity and engagement ahead, we look forward to building relationships and experiencing many more heart (and belly) warming moments like this one.