Failure as a key driver for growth

Can businesses get better through failure? Yes, it can be done.

Lean Construction Institute-Canada (LCI-C) held a conference in Vancouver last month and our very own Bob Robinson was a featured presenter. His presentation, titled “How I Failed in Lean: A Leadership Story” shared key insights about the importance of learning from mistakes and empowering others in the organization to look for better ways to improve workflows and processes. He also touched on technology integration to the business processes and how it supports the Lean principle of continuous flow enterprise-wide.

Soon after his presentation, Bob sat down for an interview as a guest on The Construction Record Podcast (skip to the 14 min. mark for his interview). Bob emphasized that being comfortable with failure was an important step in encouraging a positive and healthy examination of processes and where they can be improved.

Murray Guy, CEO of Integrated Designs Inc. and a strong proponent of Lean practices, referenced Bob’s presentation in an excellent article on leadership and rapid change.

Overall, the conference was well-attended and successful, allowing attendees the chance to explore how Lean practices and principles bring value to the entire construction supply chain.

And never one to miss an opportunity to promote the Lean principles, Westcor was featured on the back of “The Pocket Sensei – Mastering Lean Leadership”, with Bob quoted. The book is based off of the principles that Lean was founded upon and has 40 ‘Katas” or exercises that help readers on their Lean journey.

As we continue on our Lean journey we are becoming increasingly more aware of how much more there is to learn. Our team benefitted greatly from the world-class sessions and speakers at the LCI-C conference and we are excited to maintain our Lean journey, continue to increase our engagement, and to work alongside our business partners – both internal and external – to Build a Better World.