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How lean construction benefits our clients

Back in November, we published a blog entitled Adding value through Lean construction, which focused on the evolution of our industry and the steps we at Westcor are taking to not only adapt but be at the forefront of said evolution. We spoke on the inevitability of change, how the term ‘waste’ far outreaches its current definition, how there is more to focus on than only the end-product and the importance of genuine engagement with the individuals doing the work. If we have jogged your memory, you will recall that these points carried on explaining how Westcor is embracing Lean and creating value within our organization, which in turn adds value to those around us.

The focus this time around is about how Lean Construction directly benefits our clients. A Lean culture creates an environment of openness, transparency, and collaboration that is truly People-First. It embraces engagement of all customers (value receivers), from our employees through to our clients. It leverages specific tools, such as the Last Planner System to bolster effective communication and make our work visible thereby mitigating potential risks. A Lean culture is based on reciprocity and mutual learning and uses education as a vehicle to add value.

Working with a Lean-focused team means working with a team who is focused on doing the right work right the first time, and consistently doing what is best for our clients. A Lean-focused team executes the highest standard of work by viewing waste as an opportunity to notice and correct inefficiencies which disrupt the flow of value to our clients. When mistakes do happen, we do not get caught up in them, but rather view them as an opportunity to improve so that we can deliver a better product, executing our intentions with reliability and quality.

Collaboration is central to the success of any project and as such, we have adopted the Last Planner System which enables us to achieve buy-in from the whole Project Team. We proactively identify potential constraints and collaboratively work towards milestones. The Last Planner Systemcan also be used as a tool to assist and coordinate the front-end Pre-Construction services to aid in aligning the design intent with the budget constraints.

We deliver exceptional construction services, but we have come to understand that results are not enough. Value is more than just exchanging services. A relationship is more than a contract and a hand-shake. Real value is a reciprocal process. It is about exceeding expectations, and as experts in our field, it is our responsibility to be a resource of knowledge and understanding, thereby providing our clients deeper insights into the nuances of the construction management process.

Interested in reading more about our Lean journey? Watch this space for updates, keep an eye out for emails from the Westcor team, or give us a call and schedule a visit to our office – we would love to chat over coffee!