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Kings and Queens of the Hill: Westcor supports Alberta’s next generation of Engineers

“Are you serious?” is the first question most people ask when SAIT engineering students tell someone they’re planning on racing downhill in a concrete vessel. Yes, they’re serious and Westcor is proud to have helped them raise funds towards their ultra-Canadian venture by becoming a Platinum Sponsor in a silent auction that raised $1,500.

The “Great Northern Concrete Toboggan Race” (GNCTR) is a friendly competition between Canadian post-secondary Engineering students brave enough to accept the challenge. Participants use their creativity to design and build a toboggan with a running surface made of concrete. Aside from building logistics, students also showcase their project management, technical writing and safety abilities – and of course, their school spirit. (Note the Austin Powers-themed costumes!)

In addition to placing 1st overall, the SAIT team also won “Best Costume” for their Austin Powers-inspired garb.

26 different awards are given out during the meet, and at this year’s event in Kitchener, SAIT came out on top, winning:

  • 1st place overall
  • 1st place superstructure
  • 3rd place brake
  • 3rd place tech report
  • 3rd place presentation
  • 1st place brake performance
  • 3rd fastest run
  • 2nd best performing toboggan
  • Best costume
  • Best Drunk Text (don’t tell mom!)

In addition, the SAIT team received the President’s Award for leadership and was invited to become LEED certified. Each team is serious about building a winning toboggan, but in true Canadian fashion, students cheer on all teams, simply enjoying the chance to get together and have some fun in the snow.

Westcor backs this unique event because it’s a pure example of everything we believe in: investing in the future (these students are the next generation of great Canadian builders), promoting sustainable design, collaboration with the community, and teamwork. Please join us in congratulating the SAIT team for their commitment to Building a Better World and for reminding all of us that winter is full of fun possibilities!

Click the image to see Rick Mercer’s 2011 coverage of the event.