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Pink Shirt Day: In support of Dare to Care (Bullying stops here. Be kind!)

Bullying is something we have all encountered at one point or another throughout our lives. On the playground or in the locker room, at home, at school, or even at work. As the internet has evolved, so too has bullying. Today, it’s not just at the playground, it’s in our pockets. Cyberbullying is a major issue following our kids home every night after school, it’s time to put an end to it.

On February 27th, 2019, Westcor will be participating in Pink Shirt Day in collaboration with Dare to Care. Now a globally celebrated movement, Pink Shirt Day was initially sparked from one simple act of kindness orchestrated by a 17-year-old boy to support anti-bullying programs in small-town Nova Scotia, Canada.

This year, millions around the world will wear pink in solidarity to promote kindness and raise awareness about issues related to bullying. In today’s digital social media, bullying can be nearly impossible to escape and takes many different forms. It can take the shape of harassment, rumor spreading, and the mass sharing of embarrassing information or threats. For this year’s Pink Shirt Day, we are putting all of our effort in supporting Dare to Care to turn the internet into a place to spread kindness.

We ask that you join us on February 27th, as well as throughout the rest of the month of February, in flooding the internet with kindness. Spread positive messages, inspirational stories, and above all, just be nice to each other. Bullying can stop here if we all make the conscious choice to be kind to one another. Nice needs no filter!

We believe this is something we can accomplish, but it’s going to take all of us, so we hope you’re up for the challenge too. If you tag Westcor in your posts and use the hashtag #BeKindwe will re-share all of your posts to get your messages out there. Please feel free to share any and all Westcor posts on your own account as well.

For more information on how you can get involved with Pink Shirt Day, visit or to get help top bullies in your community today! If you are reading this email but are not currently on our mailing list, you can sign up here to receive details on all future initiatives, and other Westcor news and events.