Vendome Café


Teatro Group


Foodservice, Retail


Calgary, AB





This heritage building was originally built in 1912 and, underwent various renovations throughout its history. In the winter of 2014, the owner, Teatro Group, decided the building was due for an upgrade of its Café, the two apartment suites on the second floor and was to receive a new roof. Taking on such a historic building and giving it a facelift was accomplishable only by the great collaboration of the full project team.

The concept of the renovation was straightforward, but challenges arose due to the structural integrity of the building. We reinforced the crumbling foundations, upgraded the mechanical systems to meet the Life Safety Code, and also reinforced the skeleton of the building to ensure the next 100 years of the building’s life. This was complemented by a new boiler, new plumbing system and an electrical upgrade. The design of the outside of the building stayed the same to maintain its historic look. The interior was retrofitted to reflect modern styling and its surrounding community, Sunnyside.