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Want to be more successful? Become more disciplined

Type the word “success” into your favourite search engine and peek at the multitude of definitions and meanings attributed to it. The “accomplishment of an aim or purpose”, “the attainment of popularity or profit”, “a person that achieves prosperity.” What does it mean to ‘be successful’ from an objective standpoint? Is it having a house, car, spouse and kids? Is it keeping your clients happy and your business healthy? Is your success defined by how much of a positive impact you have on those around you? Or is it something else?

Regardless of how we define success as individuals and businesses, one common theme holds true that acts as the secret to success: hard work. Brian Tracy said it best, “Successful people do what they have to do, whether they feel like it or not.” Successful people are masters of common sense. They personify wisdom, forgoing their short-term desires in favour of a long-term vision. They understand the ultimate goal: better than yesterday. Successful people and businesses place a demand on themselves to be strong, dedicated, and committed to their vision.

There is a certain quality that enables successful people and businesses to maintain what they have achieved. It’s something that is developed over time, a seed that is planted and nurtured so that one day its roots are so deep that no storm can affect it. That quality is discipline. It is discipline that carries us through the difficult times, anchoring us through the storms of life. Discipline, combined with motivation, invokes permanent, positive change. Motivation is the spark that ignites a fire – and discipline is what keeps it burning.

But laying this practical foundation is, like most things in this world, easier said than done. We all know maintaining discipline can be difficult. You may be wondering why a construction company is writing about discipline and success, but the answer is simple: because we’ve incorporated the following into our daily routines, which has ultimately contributed to Westcor’s overall success. Here are three tips that might make it easier to cultivate the indispensable quality of discipline:


  1. Emotionally engage with your long-term vision each morning of your life.
    • Keep a journal that you read or write in every morning with your first cup of coffee (or tea) to keep you emotionally invested in your long-term personal or business goals.
    • Start a vision board. Use websites like Tumblr or Pinterest to keep the images of what you want your future to look like fresh in your mind and create a connection to the feeling those images give you.
    • Put your vision before your emotions. Emotions and impulse decisions can get in the way of your end goal, so in those times you feel you are chipping from the rough, allow your vision to be your prime director.
  2. Incentivize your discipline. Celebrate your success.
    • As the old adage goes: work hard, play hard. Don’t be afraid to treat yourself when you accomplish something that moves you closer to your vision. As always, balance is key while celebrating success, but being aware of your desires and acting consciously is a good place to start.
  3. Begin with the body.
    • In order for us to manifest positive change in our lives, we need to build a foundation to work from. The body is the ideal starting point for this foundation. Eating well and exercising regularly is a display of respect and affection for ourselves.
    • Maintaining a healthy brain and emotional state is a direct reflection of the value we prescribe to ourselves and our careers. Once our diet and exercise routines are crystalized, we can begin to shift our focus to our emotional state, and then on to our intellectual state. Use your discipline to embody thoughts and feelings that aid you in being successful.


Regardless of our goals, discipline is a characteristic we need to cultivate to be successful. We repeat what we don’t repair, so take control of your actions and do the right thing, always. If you embrace discipline, you will save yourself the pain of regret, and reap the benefits.