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A Successful Day at the Calgary Drop-In Centre – Free Goods Program Donation & Volunteering

Our recent initiative at the Calgary Drop-In Centre’s (CDC) Free Goods Program was a resounding success. We had a dedicated team of 11 individuals on board, with six of them representing Westcor and five from our friends over at Caon Services Inc.

The day kicked off with the CDC team splitting us into three groups, each with a specific mission to assist different areas of their facility.

The first group eagerly jumped into action at the electronic donation area, ensuring that valuable tech donations were organized and ready to be put to good use.

The second group rolled up their sleeves to assemble donated furniture, knowing that these pieces would soon find new homes and provide comfort to those in need.

Meanwhile, the third group meticulously sorted through clothing hangers followed by sorting through toiletries (more fun than it sounds – trust us!)

Overall, our team spent a fulfilling day sorting, organizing, and connecting with the CDC staff and volunteers.

The Free Goods Program (along with the CDC in general) is exceptionally well-run, and the staff on-site were incredibly supportive. Whenever we had questions or found ourselves completing tasks ahead of schedule, they were there to guide us and provide additional tasks to keep our efforts aligned with their mission.

“Funded in part by the Calgary Homeless Foundation, the Free Goods Program provides low and no-income Calgarians with the essential items they need to make a house a home – at zero cost. It is because of generous Calgarians who donate their lightly used goods that we are able to provide free furniture, kitchenware, clothing, computers, mobile phones, small appliances, books, and more to those in need.”



Many hands make light work – and the CDC drives that home with a steadfast dedication to their role within our community.

One remarkable aspect of our day at the Calgary Drop-In Centre was witnessing the passion and emotion that the staff members exude for their program and the invaluable work they do.

It’s clear that this isn’t just a job for them; it’s a heartfelt commitment to making a difference in the lives of those facing adversity in our community.


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