Calgary Women’s Emergency Shelter
Fear is Not Love

Honouring Resistance  – A community free of family violence and abuse

It should come as no surprise that we firmly believe in the power of community, in the strength that comes from standing together, and in the impact small gestures can have on people’s lives.

Giving Back has been one of our core values for more than 20 years, and it is with immense gratitude and a profound sense of pride that we get to share another collaboration with a community partner that we hold close to our hearts.

Our dedicated team recently came together to contribute to the invaluable work being done by the Calgary Women’s Emergency Shelter by facilitating a donation of essential items, carefully chosen to make a difference in the lives of those seeking refuge and solace.

From new clothing for women and children to toys, gift certificates, food, makeup, bath, and body essentials, our collection encompassed a wide array of necessities, all aimed at providing comfort and support to those in need.

The Calgary Women’s Emergency Shelter stands as a beacon of hope in our community. Their tireless efforts, boundless compassion, and unwavering dedication to aiding women and children in crisis have not gone unnoticed.

The shelter not only provides a safe haven for those escaping difficult situations but also offers a lifeline, a promise that there are caring hands ready to help in times of desperation.

Witnessing the impact of their work on our community has been both humbling and inspiring. The shelter’s commitment to empowering individuals and families aligns perfectly with our own values at Westcor.

We are deeply moved by the dedication of their staff and volunteers who work tirelessly to create a safer, more supportive environment for those who have experienced hardship.

Our heartfelt thanks go out not only to our team members who generously donated but also to the Calgary Women’s Emergency Shelter for their unwavering commitment to fostering a compassionate community. Together, we are making a difference, one gesture of kindness at a time.

As we reflect on this experience, we are reminded of the profound impact we can have when we come together for a common cause. It reaffirms our belief in the strength of community, the importance of empathy, and the ability we all possess to create positive change.

To learn more about the incredible work of the Calgary Women’s Emergency Shelter and how you can contribute, please visit their website at Let us continue to stand together, supporting one another and spreading kindness, making our community a better place for all.


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